Twin Light – Limited Edition Print – Hush

Medium: 9 Colour hand pulled silkscreen on hand made Somerset white velvet paper

Hand signed and numbered by the artist

Limited Edition size: 740mm x 540mm

Size: 100

Hush – Born in Newcastle, England, trained as a graphic designer at the Newcastle School of Art and Design, Hush’s art practice has taken him around the globe throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. His immersion in such a diverse range of cultures and environments is evident in his work and his captivating portrayal of the immortal beauty of the female form. Over the course of his travels, Hush developed a fascination with the mark-making, tagging, and graffiti he encountered along the way.

Creating a successful blend of old and new is always a risky business. And, if you add to it a surprising mixture of culture – the task is getting even harder. Apparently, that doesn’t apply to Hush, a British artist known for his mixed techniques of collage, graffiti, stencil, painting and drawing he uses to cover the streets and fill the galleries all around the world with his geisha inspired works. Japanese traditional female entertainers, depicted through their feminine beauty and sensuality, are created in traditional colours and modern graffiti style, synthesizes this artist’s affection for Street Art aesthetics and traditional art practices.

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